Things to Avoid before you Sell


So you’re interested in selling your house? You have everything ready but the last thing to do is sell your home.


First things first, don’t do it by yourself. Take some time to really look through your options and consider a realtor. This is their job, to ensure you sell in a timely and efficient fashion. Ask around, look through their social media sites and meet up with them to ensure you’re a good match.


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Second thing is to ensure you are definitely putting in a little bit of work before you leave. When showcasing your home, don’t have a messy house. People are trying to envision themselves in their new environment. If they see the house is a mess and smells funky, that is going to turn them away from a potentially great opportunity from them. Make sure to clean up, wipe down, and spray around! If you do these small things, you’re already halfway there.


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The third problem people seem to be having nowadays is either making unnecessary updates or non at all. It is important to increase the value of your home by doing small updates around to ensure it is looking in its best shape. I am sure after living in it for years, you’ve left a few dents and scratches. Sometimes buyers are willing to spend a little bit more if they are ensured that the house itself will be a more “move in ready” options than the later. The other problem is that people seem to be doing no updates at all, which is a risk. Depending on your house potential, buyers could be willing to invest in a fixer upper or they it could completely turn them away. To summarize, just ensure to throw some fresh paint on the walls, fix up any defeated parts of the house, and possibly add one differential feature that will stand out against other house, such as a bookcase. These small upgrades will do wonders for your homes potential and assessment value!


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The fourth thing people seem to have a hard time dealing with is their home assessment value. The price you bought your home at is not what it will be worth when you leave it. Whether it appreciated or depreciated, it is going to be completely different. In most cases, it is worth less than the owners realize, because they have done little to no work ensuring it stays up to date. Over time neighborhood value, housing demands and values fluctuate. Don’t be shocked when you see the price it is actually worth, take it and ask how you can optimize your assets at that point in time.


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The fifth and final thing that sellers seem to have a problem with is not telling their friends and family they are moving and trying to sell their homes. Whether you go through a realtor or not, you still have a web of connections and work can get around fast. Others may be looking in your area, without you even knowing it. Make sure to inform your social media sites and get the word around!


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Make sure to reach out to a realtor for any professional advice, keep your updates sweet and simple, make sure to clean and keep a level head. Now that you’re well informed before you sell, go get to it! The perfect buyer for your home is out there, so don’t get worked up by how long it may take to sell it as well. Good things come to those who wait. Good luck and get selling!