The 10 Things You Forget When Moving

You’ve been through months of searching. You have officially found your dream home. Now what? You may be so excited to move into your new home that you can’t even think, you just want to buy everything in sight! But definitely don’t forget these 10 key items you need for every house!

If you’re moving for the first time, or you’re a veteran, there’s always things that slip the mind. This list is to help you see that the little things matter and I am here to make this transition easier on you.your life easier!

  1. Flashlights

You wouldn’t believe how many times you’ll need a flashlight during your first week of moving in. From trying to find the light switch, looking into dark corners, and searching through boxes at 6:00 am to find your toothbrush. Make sure you have a flashlight handy and accessible.

  1. Paper towels/Toilet Paper

These items can go hand in hand. From spills, to mud, to dust. Moving is pretty messy. Don’t forget to have some paper towels on standby for any of these inconveniences. As well as make sure you have toilet paper ready to go for the first bathroom break. There’s nothing worse than having to go to the bathroom and finding out you have nothing to wipe with.

  1. Hand Soap

Speaking of spills, mud and dust… trust me, you’ll want to wash your hands. Once, twice, maybe even all day. Many hate the feeling of sticky hands.So don’t forget to keep some soap in the bathroom to make sure you don’t spread the mess.

  1. Multi-purpose Cleaner

Moving in, you may expect everything to be squeaky and shiny clean. Well think again. It may have had a professional cleaner go through, but that doesn’t mean much. Plus, moving in can become dirty, so make sure you have some multi-cleaner so spills don’t turn into sticky spots!

  1. Tool box

No, I’m not talking about going out and buying a $300 tool box. But you’d be shocked to find out home many things you have to breakdown prior to the move, and put by together again after. From bed frames, chairs, and tables,there’s tons of items that may need a hammer, a screwdriver or a wrench. So just make sure to have the essentials.

  1. Broom

Time to clean up! Once the unboxing is all done, things are taken out of packages, and trash is everywhere, you might want to sweep up some of the smaller pieces. Or maybe just keep that broom handy to swat at some spider webs during the process.

  1. Shower curtain

Don’t be this person. It’s ok to wait until you move in to go out on an IKEA or Walmart run so you get the right size. Just make sure you actually remember to grab one. I cannot express how long people go without a shower curtain because it’s something that just always slips the mind.

  1. Toothbrush

I cannot believe how many individuals forget to bring their toothbrushes with them when they move. A lot of the time, people throw their old ones away in an attempt to have a “clean start”. BUT these items seem to go forgotten until the day after the move, when all you want is to brush your teeth and grab a cup of joe.

  1. A Basic-First Aid Kit

From paper cuts, to falls. Just be smart. A basic-First-Aid Kit is a no brainer. There’s no reason why not to get one.

  1. A Read-To-Go Outfit

There’s really nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not knowing where any of your clothes are. The best advice I was ever given was to just pack one or two outfits ready to go so you have one less thing to worry about.

The last piece of advice I could give to you is to make sure you don’t stress yourself out over the little things. Make sure you trust your realtor and the advice they give you. Good luck and I hope you’re ready to start this next journey in your life. Reach out to me with any questions or concerns. I would love to make this substantially less stressful on you.